At Retail Communications we offer your business the following services:

  • Industry experience: Collective POS across management approaching 25 years, including working experience with leading suppliers, manufacturers and project management companies.
  • Cost Reduction initiatives: We offer product innovation and improvements where gains in cost efficiencies can occur, primarily as a result of new material substrates or print techniques which offer advantages in visual outcomes at installation.
  • Reporting procedures: We offer KPI based reporting and stock usage reports. Criteria includes; number of  Picks per store, % deliveries shipped on time, stock by item, % correct picks, % damaged goods, % fill rate etc. Analysed by store and summarised to reflect an overall KPI performance target of no less than 99%.
  • Stock Management: We provide warehousing and stock management services to assist with continuity of supply and fast turnaround times.
  • Design Service available for new POS material from early concept using 3D renders and CAD drawings to show illustrations prior to production sampling.
  • Distribution Management: RC currently undertakes significant large scale POS distributions with premium retail grocery, cosmetic and clothing brands across Australia, NZ and Singapore. These are often complex combinations of multiple POS products including visual display hardware units.

Retail Communications have a wide variety of customers whom we happily service in both large scale and smaller scale volumes and invite you to be included.

“Our investment in cutting edge machinery is our major point of difference.”

At Retail Communications we have invested in state of the art technology. The Inca S40i and S20 printers can digitally print direct to almost any substrate up to 50mm thick, and is Australia’s largest and fastest example of this technology. Find out about our technology…