Our investment in cutting edge machinery is our major point of difference.”

At Retail Communications we have invested in state of the art printing technology. The IncaS40i and S20 printers can digitally print direct to almost any substrate up to 50mm thick, and is Australia’s largest and fastest example of this technology. Find out more about our technology below.

We can print a 3.2m x 1.6m panel in just under 30 seconds.

Complementing our print side is “Kongsberg” digital cutting technology. This state of the art router can work at equal speeds with the printers, and can profile cut just about any material within the same time frame!

What does that mean for you?

It means we have the ability to produce offset quality prints and cut them to shape in a greatly reduced period of time, much faster than conventional large format digital applications allow.

Take a look at our printer and cutter:

Inca ONSET S20

Inca ONSET S20The Inca Onset S20 brings another innovation to the market, drawing on the features that have begun to set the Onset as the quality benchmark in the POP market.
With a full bed print array, the Onset S20 boasts print speeds of over 3,600 ft2/hr or throughput of 68 beds an hour viewable at normal POP viewing distances and with substrates as thick as 2 inches.
In addition to CMYK configuration, the S20 offers white. The ability to vary the gloss level gives the user flexibility to set the desired gloss level on a per job basis directly from the operator console.
Timber, doors, plywood, MDF, Cardboard, Paper, Acrylic, plastics
Core flute, foam board, xenita board ,Arma board , Poly propylene , Synthetic , electrostatic white & clear , Composite panel , Forex , Screen board.

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ONSET S40iNew Features – The Inca Onset S40i incorporates a number of new, intelligent design features that have been developed to
increase overall productivity, print quality and reliability. The Onset S40i provides all the advantages of the Onset S40 but also offers
the additional benefits of faster set up times and increased machine uptime. These factors all help to make the operator’s job simpler
and protect your investment.
Faster Setup Times – The new 15-zone vacuum table reduces bed masking requirements, which shortens setup times and increases
overall output.
Productivity – Innovative UV sensors continually monitor the machine condition and automatically inform the operator when
cleaning is required. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type and volume of work so unnecessary maintenance is avoided
and productivity is increased.
Reliabilty – Sophisticated mechanical substrate height detectors deliver improved accuracy and reliability to help protect both the
substrate and the printheads.
Image Quality – The 6-colour ink set improves colour tones and graduations as well as reducing the appearance of graininess.
Along with Inca’s advanced software control, the Onset S40i delivers excellent text quality even at small font sizes.
Ease of Use – The addition of a ‘machine setup files’ function allows a huge number of variables to be captured and reloaded again
and again, enabling machine operators to change quickly between substrates.

timber substrates, doors, plywood, MDF, Cardboard , Paper , Acrylic, plastics
Core flute, foam board , xenita board , Armaboard, Poly properlene , Synthetic , electrostatic white & clear , Composite panel , Forex , Screen board.

Kongsberg XP

Kongsberg XPThe Kongsberg XP introduces a completely new standard for digital cutting tables. It is designed so solidly that it provides accurate handling of even the most challenging materials. Its durable construction enables the XP table to provide full time production, 24/7. The finishing device is no longer the bottleneck in production.
The Kongsberg XP offers a radically new level of productivity and throughput. It was made especially for handling the combination of corrugated board and other rigid or roll materials used in POP products and product displays.
An extensive array of available tools matches the wide range of materials that can be used.

Latex L65500

Print with the environment in mind.

Latex L65500

Offer outdoor and indoor application versatility with print-quality and display permanence comparable to low-solvent printers. Reduce the impact of printing on the environment. Achieve outdoor and indoor application versatility. Print rich, saturated colours and deliver applications that impress with the six-colour HP Designjet L65500 printing system with HP Latex Inks. High-resolution, up to 1200 dpi prints.

Performance comparable to low-solvent ink—in a water-based ink. HP Latex prints achieve up to three years display permanence unlaminated, five years laminated and provide scratch, smudge, and water resistance comparable to low-solvent inks.
Achieve both durability and vivid image quality with a new HP media surface treatment.
Produces odourless prints that allow placement in Point-of-Purchase areas where odour is a concern.
We use Original HP recyclable media and take advantage of the HP Planet Partners program to return the print heads.
Provides consistent colour from print to print and job to job with HP DreamColor Technologies.
Prints dry inside the printer, so we don’t have to wait to finish or deliver them.
Whatever the application—outdoor banners, POP displays, or soft/fabric signage—you will enjoy the same outstanding results. Print banners, event and transit signage, vehicle wraps, and other outdoor applications as well as high-quality, indoor signage.


Z6200The fastest printer in its class. The heavy-duty HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer—a workhorse in disguise—enables you to offer outstanding photo image quality
This machine allows us to work more productively and comfortably with automated media loading and an ergonomic loading table. Offers top photo quality prints.
This machine takes on tough photo printing challenges with the colour gamut enabled by chromatic red ink and uniform gloss.
Offers remarkable black-and-white image quality and impressive backlits.
Produce new applications—this printer makes it easier to tile images together. Count on print-to-print colour accuracy on different substrates.
Eco Highlights
• Breakthrough colour consistency can help reduce unnecessary reprints.
• Ink cartridge and print head recycling.
Stocks: Bond and coated paper, technical paper, film, photographic paper, proofing paper, backlit, self-adhesive, banner and sign, fabric, fine art printing material
Print resolution, colour: up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi from 1200 x 1200 input dpi and Optimization for Photo Paper selected.
Print resolution, black; up to 2400 x 1200 optimized dpi from 1200 x 1200 input dpi and Optimization For Photo Paper selected.


MutohThe Mutoh ValueJet 1638 is one power house for a 64″ wide format printer. One of the fastest printers out there with speeds up to 500 sq. ft. per hour. Dual print heads perfect for large quantity banner printing. Utilizes Eco Solvent inks for full colour high quality weatherproof prints, three Heaters for fast drying time.
Features Intelligent Interweave Print Technology (i2) that virtually eliminates banding.
Utilizing eco solvent inks, it is able to print water proof images that do not require lamination. Prints printed with Mutoh’s ECO solvent inks can last up to 3 years without lamination and 5-7 years with lamination. Mutoh’s innovative Intelligent Interweave Print Technology allows for less banding to occur. So your prints will come out photo quality without the ugly lines that you would see from banding. Three heaters decreases the drying time to allow faster print time.

We offer gloss, matte, satin, floor grade laminate and anti – graffiti. Speciality stocks as requested.